Class of 1993

Class President since 1993:  Norman Karp
Class Treasurer from 1993 until 2010:  Mary Merenick

Every year since 1994 the class has met at the home of Marty Gingell at 14 Bliss for breakfast at 7:45 before joining the Annual Recognition Day parade.  The tradition will continue in 2012.  All class members are welcome and parading is not necessary.

15th Reunion

Class honoree:  Alfreda Irwin
Class flower:  Daisy
Class colors:  Blue and Gold
Class uniform:  T shirt, ball cap, scarf, small banner on a stick  (All of these items have the center design of the banner in gold on a blue background)

In 1993 Alfreda Irwin walked with the class in the rain, then she continued to join with the class as long as she lived.