Class of 1998

August 2016








Ready to march in the parade!

In 2016, we repeated our 2015 successful annual Recognition day Breakfast – a buffet breakfast at the Atheneum. Those that attended enjoyed it enough to suggest we do it again, although perhaps for lunch next year!
Don’t forget that class dues are $10, and can be paid while you are paying Association Dues at the Alumni Hall front desk. (Please specify class of 1998).

Judy Kullberg

A message from President Pat Hasbach

Hello All,
It was great to see classmates at the Recognition Day breakfast at the Athenaeum Hotel this morning (thanks to Carol Reeder for making those arrangements) and having a nice group marching behind our class banner in the parade. We had blue skies and an enthusiastic group!

During the Class breakfast, I shared an excerpt from a 1882 Chautauqua Handbook of the CLSC that I recently read.  It provided a good reminder of  why this organization is so important to many of us.  I hope you enjoy this:

It has breathed an atmosphere of culture around homes of poverty, and relieved the dull round of woman’s never-ending work by worthy themes of thought and conversation. It has enabled middle-aged people to supplement the definiencies keenly felt, of their early education.  One man wrote, ” I am so grateful to you that I can’t express what I feel. I am a hard-working man. I have six children and I work hard to keep them in school.  Since I found out about your Circle, I am trying my best to keep up, so that my boys will see what father does, just for an example to them.”
An army officer’s wife writes from the plains that no other white woman lives within sixty miles, and the nearest bookstore is three  hundred miles distant, so that she was waiting impatiently three months for her textbooks, and when they came she fairly wept with delight at the realization that she was at last brought into some communion with seekers after culture. Such testimonies as these might be multiplied by the hundred, if it were necessary, to show that the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle brings valuable results to the world.

From: The Chautauqua Handbooks. No. 2., NY: Phillips & Hunt, 1882, pp. 23-24.
98 Brick

The brick purchased by our class, now a part of the memorial walkway in front of Alumni Hall.