Executive Secretary

Dear CLSC Friends,

It has been a great privilege and adventure to serve as your Executive Secretary beginning in June of last year. As President Dick Karslake mentioned in his letter I had a recently discovered personal reason that made my decision feel like it was meant to be. In the letters my parents wrote each other during WWII (which have been miraculously preserved) I found that my mother, Dorothy Vaugh, lived and worked at Chautauqua for the summers of 1944 and 1945. She lived in the Presbyterian House where she waited tables and washed dishes and ushered at the opera among other jobs. She also took classes offered by SUNY in theatre, theatre craft, poetry and literature. The final fact I discovered was that she was at Chautauqua on a scholarship from the CLSC Class of 1913. It turns out to be a family legacy!
The summer rushed by as I learned the traditions, meet other alumni, and became better acquainted with the beautiful place that is Chautauqua. The newly reconstructed amphitheater was a joy to see after watching the web cam footage all through the off-season. The finishing touches of the flowers and landscaping are perfect – we were able to attend the last tour of the new Amp on the last day they were offered. Hopefully you will get to go on also!
Writing to you is by way of introduction and an opportunity to let you know all the ways you can be involved with the CLSC Alumni Association this year.

  • Purchase a copy of Mary Lee Talbot’s book, The Heart of Chautauqua, either at Alumni Hall or online (stayed tuned for this option coming soon).
  • If you graduated in the past 4 years, join your class for your assignment this year:
    1. Class of 2017: Assist with the Great American Picnic
    2. Class of 2016: Assist with Pioneer Hall
    3. Class of 2015: Hospitality with Vigil, Recognition Day, Alumni Gala
    4. Class of 2014: Assist with Winifred Kemp Library
  • There are two important ways you can support the scholarship for high school students – either host or help find a host family or serve as a liaison to the Chautauqua schools. Please contact Carol Collins for more details at carolcollins53@gmail.com.
  • Join us on Monday mornings on the verandah of Alumni Hall for good conversations about what we’ve been reading.
  • Respond to the notices in News and Notes to take on the librarian’s job at Alumni Hall or donate things for the auction at the Great American Picnic.
  • Consider becoming the coordinator for Evensong – the travelogue series that is scheduled for Wednesday’s. We are also looking for presenters who have made an interesting trip and have photos they can present at one of the Evensongs – the dates are June 27, July 4, 11, 25, Aug 1, 15 and 22.

The calendar for the summer’s important CLSC events is in the newsletter. I look forward to seeing many of you this summer and working with you on one or more of the projects that let us “give back” to the CLSC and the Chautauqua family.

Happy reading to all, Cate