Welcome to the CLSC Alumni Association’s “Virtual” Online Auction 2020

The highest bid will win!  This is a ‘virtual auction’ – submitted bids will not be visible.  THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR EACH ITEM IS THE WINNER.  Winners will be notified shortly after August 19 and arrangements made for pickup or delivery of items.  Payment will available by check or online credit card processing.

You have just ONE CHANCE to place your bid for each item. 

In the case of a tie bid, the first email received will be the winner.  If no one meets the minimum bid, we will save that item for next year’s auction.

To place a bid:

Choose an item. Click the bid link at the top or bottom of the page. Remember your item number!  You will be redirected to an email to us where you can submit your bid.  

If you have further questions or problems placing your bid, please email us at: CLSCalumniauction@gmail.com

Remember—If you really want an item, make your best offer! 

The highest bid placed during the week that the online auction is live will win the item! 


Thanks for your support, and good luck bidding!




We are always glad to accept more donations for future items.  Please let us know if you have items to donate that include:  antiques, furniture, art works, special pottery or ceramics, linens, quilts, jewelry, collectibles, and Chautauqua memorabilia. 

We will gladly arrange to pick up your items!

Just email us:  CLSCalumniauction@gmail.com 

Or call:  716.357.2191 (Caroline Young) or 734.546.5955 (Pat McDonald)