…thanks to the good work of our team, no irreparable damage

On May 3rd, 2017, the sprinkler system in Alumni Hall leaked because a valve on the third floor was not closed properly.  Water ran for about fifteen minutes, from the first floor through the second floor office and banner closet. Carpets, papers and other items in storage were soaked. Quick action by institution personnel kept furniture and banner damage to a minimum. Servpro, a restoration service from Jamestown, set up fans and industrial dehumidifiers within an hour to begin the drying process.  We’re very fortunate this did not turn into a major tragedy.
~Bill Crittenden -VP House

Good afternoon!
We’re catching our breath as the moisture levels in Alumni Hall go down and the building dries out. The day of the accident hygrometers placed in the entry and center hall were around 91/93%. This morning they read 41/42%, actually too low for banner safety.  Once the dehumidifiers and fans are removed the humidity should go back up to an acceptable 55/65%. We did lose the rolls of plastic stored on top of the rack upstairs and 1940 and 1943 felt banners relaxing on the rack got soaked. More plastic has been ordered and the banners have dried nicely, though curled along the edges again.
As you can imagine the entire building looks like it’s been stirred with a spoon.  All the contents from the 2nd floor banner room are spread out across the ballroom floor and the banners taken down in the Kimball Room and Center hall are in the front hall and dining room.  The large rug from the Kimball room was removed to Servicemaster’s shop to be properly dried. All the wooden furniture from the hall is shoved in the Kimball room.

Once the insurance companies have done their thing and the fans removed we begin our own recovery. Since we can’t hang banners til they’ve been vacuumed and recovered they’ll be moved into the Garden Room to wait processing. As soon as Mary Lou is available, we’ll put the upstairs closet back together. Patsy Klingensmith is coming around Memorial Day so she’ll join the local crew in vacuuming, etc. We’ve survived a major disaster so it’s onward.  And thank you all for volunteering your time when you get here.

~Charlotte Crittenden, Banner Committee Chair


2022 is a GO!

for now …

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