Chautauqua’s Heart

Oh, dear! You missed Chautauqua’s Heart: A History of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle? They were all sold out, you say?
Never fear! A second printing has arrived and will be available in Alumni Hall, the Veranda and the Bookstore. If you are in a hurry, please visit the Bookstore or order a copy online now.
This history, commissioned by the CLSC Alumni Association and authored by Chautauquan Mary Lee Talbot, is the first compilation of all of CLSC, from the ideas of John Vincent and Lewis Miller through to last year. The organization, key to Chautauqua’s strength through the years, has a variety of summer activities, some of which may be surprising to many!
Beginning with a forward by Jeffrey Simpson, lifelong Chautauquan and author of Chautauqua, an American Utopia, the book is easy to read either from front-to-back or by sections of particular interest. Images, both in color and black and white, include all banners through 2017 with important facts: flowers, mottoes and class chants. A complete book list through 2015 and Recognition Day speakers through the years add to the reference value of the book. Don’t miss it!
Grab yours at Alumni Hall today (and buy an extra for your local library while you’re at it!)