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The CLSC Class of 1992 celebrated its 25th anniversary with another year of solid attendance at our annual events during the season and continued our enjoyment of long term relationships.

Our original class of 75 still has 45 people on the mailing list and 28 dues paying members for the 2017 season. Of those, 18 were on the grounds for most or all or of the season. We had 20 people including spouses at our annual dinner at Olive’s, 12 members marching in the CLSC Banner Parade on Recognition Day, the usual 8 to 10 at our meetings and 18 to 20 at our lunchtime meeting with the CLSC author we sponsored.  In 2017, we donated $500 toward the publication of the CLSC History written by Mary Lee Talbot and purchased a brick for Alumni Hall walkway.

For 25 years our class has always contributed substantial money beyond the basic dues. In each of our 5th, 10th and 15th anniversary years we underwrote the renovation or replication of an historic CLSC banner. Beginning in 2013 we began sponsoring one of the CLSC authors: David Wroblewski, “The Story of Edgar Santelle” in 2013; Roger Rosenblatt, “The Boy Detective in 2014”; Anthony Doerr , “All the Light We Cannot See” in 2015; Diane Ackerman, “The Zoo Keeper’s Wife” in 2016; in 2017 we sponsored Ron Charles, Book Editor of the Washington Post who was present to facilitate the visit of John Beatty, author of “The Sellout.” In each case we meet over the lunch hour in the Garden Room of Alumni Hall for an always wonderful, informal discussion with the author. We hope to sponsor an author again in 2018 – possibly, Amor Towles, author of “A Gentleman in Moscow” in Week 4. Finally, we have each year donated two sets of CLSC Young Readers books for the Children’s Reading Program at Smith Memorial Library.

As we age gracefully – we trust – we continue to further our understanding of world through extensive reading and of course love the time we can spend together each summer at Chautauqua. To those class members we don’t see, we wish you well and hope at some point you will consider another visit to this wonderful place.

Bob Battaglin
President CLSC Class of 1992


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