Faith in the Future

The class of 1974 met on July 27, 2011 on the porch of members Mary Lee Talbot and Joan Jacobs. The class mourned the passing of Mary MacClaren at 100 years of age. We talked about our project – creating a database of CLSC graduates over the past 130 years. Ellie Doud and Mary Lee Talbot are taking the lead over the winters. As of January 15 the classes of 1974, 1882, 1883 and 1884 have been entered and we have over 4000 names! Any class member who wants to help get in touch with Ellie ( or Mary Lee ( . Ellie and Mary Lee are hoping that each member of the class at Chautauqua this summer will spend an hour in the Archives entering names.

On a sad note, class member Joan Jacobs died on December 16. She was 84.

Special Invitation
The Class of 1974 invites any CLSC alumni/ae whose class is no longer meeting to join us for the class gathering on July 24. We invite you to join in the fun and fellowship of meeting with a class. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Lee Talbot at

CLSC Graduates Data Base
The Class of 1974 is taking the lead in creating a database of all CLSC graduates since 1882. Ellie Doud and Mary Lee Talbot are working most closely on this project. As of January 15 there are over 4000 names in the database. Charles Bestor and Scott Brasted have provided some technical help. Most of the information is taken from the Chautauquan Daily and The Chautauquan Magazine. We are working in the Chautauqua Archives on a weekly basis. Anyone who cares to help, especially members of the Class of 1974, should get in touch with Ellie at or Mary Lee Talbot at


2022 is a GO!

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