Tolerance Within Diversity

Our annual meeting will be held at The Gala, August 8, 2018.

If able we will march as usual. Our mighty class is still serving beans at The Great American Picnic Aug 25 2018. Stop by and say hi. We had a fun time last year and look forward to seeing our little group.

See you on the grounds, Cathy Scogna


Lois Minnigh our class honoree passed away during 2017. A Chautauqua memorial service was held at The Methodist House on July 30, 2017. Sallie Holder and Sharon Thawley were able to attend the service with other Minnigh family members in our class. A White Gift of $203 was given by the class to pay for the band at the Great American Picnic at the Sunday Baccalaureate Service.   


Due to ongoing community health concerns, some programming for the 2021 season has been cancelled or moved to a virtual setting.  Other programming may be permitted to take place on the Grounds this summer.  Stay tuned to this page and for more information.