Class of 2000


Tom Rowe President
email –
phone – 941-927 2613

Elie McKnight Haupt Vice President
email –
phone – 610-356 4836

Carolyn Benton   Secretary
email –
phone – 386-775-0755

Jim Huron Treasurer
email –
phone – 716-789-9425

A word from the President – Tom Rowe

 2000 BRIDGING THE AGES, TURNING THE PAGES is our theme and it blends well with our projects started and completed in 2012.  Our major project was the Golden Gate Arch.  The class raised the needed $17,500 entirely from donations from the class members. We give thanks to Dave McKee, the Architect, for donating the plans for the project and to Rowe Construction for keeping the job under budget and completing the project on time and on schedule.  On August 6th the class presented the completed project to Chautauqua Institution Board Chairman George Snyder.  As stated in the August 25th Chautauqua Daily:  The renovation should last for the next 100 years due to its pillars having a steel core which is embedded into a concrete base and the composite wood which makes up the outside of the arch will not rot like real wood.  The CLASS class of 2000 and the Alumni Association are both pleased to have made this major project a success, completed and financed in one year.

The Kiosk project which was started in 2011 was completed in 2012 by adding a canvas winter rap to protect it from snow and ice during the winter months.  Plaques were also added to each of the 4 sides to identify the activity of each organization; 1.Alumni Association, 2. CLSC classes, 3. Writers Guild, 4.Eventide.

The CLSC Zimbabwe Project was started in 2011. We plan to expand our involvement into 2013.  Yvonne and Jack McCredie hosted a hospitality event at their home to kick off our support during week one.  Our participation as a class included a donation for all Zimbabwe members dues to the CLSC Zimbabwe Circle.  All of the 2012 graduates now have full memberships.  We will continue  building on this ongoing project.

This summer plan to attend our July 2nd meeting and our August 5th meeting.  We have some surprises, so don’t be late.  More details to follow.