Class of 2002

May 2014
Hi Everyone,
I hope you survived the winter and our looking forward to your summer and lots of good weather.

This message is from your new communicator, Terrie Hauck. Marlie gave you all the news for the past 12 years and, understandably, has passed her “pen” onto me. I’ll try to keep you all informed about our Class as well as she did. Our first class meeting will be on July 8th at Alumni Hall at 9:15 in the morning Come and see everyone and bring your thoughts on a book you have read over the past year that you enjoyed and that you think we all might enjoy.

We will, of course, be marching on August 6th. I hope you all will join us. For the past four years, our class has contributed to The Young Readers Program. As many of you know, a medal was created to be awarded to the Young Readers who have read fourteen books as well as the Jeffrey Simpson book on Chautauqua. In the past year, a fund was created through that program to allow teachers and librarians to ask for and be sent the Chautauqua book at no cost to them or their classroom or library. The program with all its benefits is now written up on the Chautauqua web site. I urge you all to take a look and then give us feedback on how you like it. Suggestions are always welcome.

At our first meeting, we will once again vote on wanting to continue to support The Young Readers Program or if we would like to support something else. Once again, please send us your feedback. And, come to the meeting if you are at Chautauqua. We would love to have your continued support of $10 as a member of our class and a donation to whatever program we decide to support is always welcome.

Stay well all you Palindrome classmates,
Terrie Vaile Hauck