Respect, Reflect, Renew

The Pioneer Hall has been a delightful project for the class of 2009. It was originally built as a classroom facility. We provide docents on Monday and Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer season, and use our brochures designed by a class member to explain the history of the house. The Great American Picnic, which was held on July 16th, provided an excellent venue for us to walk among the picnic tables and ask people to come over to Pioneer Hall porch for cookies and lemonade. Surprisingly, many didn’t know where it was! Our hope is to get other classes involved by providing docents on the other days of the week to make this wonderful place more recognized. Our first class meeting was July 5th at Alumni Hall, and the second one was August 1st——the day before the Recognition Day Parade. This summer’s meeting dates are July 5th and July 31st. On July 26 the class and guests met at Carrie Zachary’s beautiful lakeside home for an afternoon soiree on the porch. Of course, we talked about books! We hope many of our class members will be able to come to Chautauqua for a bit this summer. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen many of the members. In any event, keep on reading! Linda Storey, President of Class 2009


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