The newly rebuilt Golden Gate was dedicated on Recognition Week Monday in 2012.  Present at the Dedication were numerous alumni, the team from the Class of 2000 who undertook and accomplished the entire project,  Dick Karslake, President of the Alumni Association, and George Snyder, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chautauqua.


Representing the Class of 2000 were Tom Rowe, President, Jim Huron, Treasurer, and Ellie Haupt, past President of the Class.  Also there because of their contribution to the project were Dave McKee, architect who researched and drew up the scale drawings of the original Golden Gate frame–donating all of his time and talent on the project–and David Rowe, the General Contractor for the project who not only first erected the new iteration of the Golden Gate in his barn before reconstructing it on site but also used modern construction methods and materials that insure that this Golden Gate will last well over one hundred years.


After Karslake welcomed those assembled, Tom Rowe introduced the key people involved, had Ellie Haupt say a few words, and then presented the new Gate to George Snyder, who accepted the generous gift on behalf of all Chautauquans.  Dick Karslake wound up the ceremony by reading a poem, The Golden Gate at Chautauqua, written by Asson G. Chester.  Starting with 2012, this poem is being read to all graduation classes as a portion of the Golden Gate Ceremony.


Two days later, the first CLSC class to use this new beautiful structure, the Class of 2012, passed through the Golden Gate on their way to their graduation ceremony in the Hall of Philosophy.  Subsequently, all graduating classes have passed through this historic and iconic symbol of Chautauqua and the CLSC.