Library Committee

The purpose of the committee is the management of the Winifred Kemp Reading Room collection of Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle books.

CLSC began a reading program in 1878 that continues today adding nine or ten books a season to the collection. In 1994 a CLSC Young Readers Program began and became part of the Winifred Kemp Reading Room collection.

Please contact the committee chair with any thoughts, ideas or questions that you have.

Would you like to be a member of the Library Committee?  Feel free to mail me at

Donna M. Dominick, 2014 chair
Elaine Arciszewski, 1989
Norman Karp, 1993
Marlie Bendiksen, 2002
Kathleen MacMurray, 2013
Nancy Weintraub, 2014
Eileen Tenenbaum, 2015
Joan Vondra, 2015