Executive Secretary

Dear Fellow Alumni:

Oh, those frantic last days of August 2019! Stephine, Emma, Jutta, and I were taking inventory, packing boxes, hauling things to the second floor of Alumni Hall, and cherishing our last few moments together as we closed up the Octagon. We left a few things there, knowing we would “use them next summer.” At the same time, Cate was trying to borrow me as often as she could. We needed to grab as many moments as possible to transition her duties as Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association to me. So much to learn! As she talked, I wrote, following her around the building and trying to grasp all that she did to help Alumni Hall run smoothly.

As I walked out of the grounds that last day, I was feeling so many things – sadness, anticipation, anxiety, nostalgia, gratefulness, overwhelmed, and determined, but above all – hope. Hope that we’d all be back together again in June of 2020. Hope that I could at least try to fill Cate’s extremely qualified and talented shoes. Hope for more wonderful discussions, beautiful summer days, new friendships, and new adventures.

But here we are. And I am heartbroken, as are so many of you. I fully support the Institution’s decision to take the season’s programs on-line this season, but we have lost all of the warm, wonderful, memory-making moments that embody our experiences at Chautauqua. The learning will continue. The reading will continue. Hopefully, the discussions will continue. It won’t be the same, but we will forge on, and one more time – we will have hope.

In an effort to keep us all together as much as possible, I will be posting things on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CLSCAlumni/ , sending newsletters via email, and keeping this website up to date. In addition, I am available by email at alumassocexecsec@gmail.com or by phone at 716-640- 0019. If you haven’t already, you may also want to follow Chautauqua Institution’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chq1874/ and their website at CHQ.org. They will be posting current events and information there, too.

I will miss seeing your smiling, familiar faces this summer. In the meantime, keep reading, stay tuned, and stay safe!