…unique to its time in history

An integral part of the CLSC tradition, Class banners allow each year’s class to identify their purpose and strengths. From the original 1882 banner founding the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle to 1967’s “A Bell Never Rings by Itself,” to 1989’s simple “Continuum,” these banners capture the essence each class brings to the CLSC. They also give interesting insight into the culture of the time in which they were crafted, from the sumptuous, elegant embroidery of the early banners to the bohemian “Love Others Serve God” of 1970, to the ’80s renaissance of quilting, to 2015’s ‘Transforming Traditions,” utilizing computer-aided design. They reflect historical movements, such as “World Brotherhood” classes of 1944 and 1945, “Liberty” in 1933 and “Action Not Words,” class of 1972. Some classes, in addition to a motto and a flower, choose an honoree, such as the Vincent class of 1883, the John Ciardi class of 1987, and the Lincoln Class of 1942. A few of them even feature the distinct work of beloved local artist Maritza Morgan; but all of them are works of art and bits of history.

There is a dedicated group of men and women who take responsibility for banner care, display, and Graduation Day Parade. As a CLSC Alumni you are able to join the committee, led by Charlotte Crittendon, a good way to lend a helping hand and learn about banner care, following the advice of our textile conservator, in the hall as well as the archives.


The Banner Room at Oliver Archive will welcome visitors on July 10th and 31st from 3 to 5pm. Thanks to Helen and Becky Habenicht, who have been photographing and cataloguing the banners, as well to Charlotte Crittendon, banner chair.

Historic Banners 1886-1994

Historic Banners 1895-1908









Alumni Association Banners

CLSC Banner Reproductions


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