‘We, the alumni of the CLSC, look forward to a period of exciting growth and development under the new Colonnade direction of Atom Atkinson and David Griffith.’

…President Dick Karslake

Greetings, Alumni!

To begin with, let me extend a very warm welcome to Cate Whitcomb. Cate became the first Executive Secretary of the CLSC Alumni Association in 2017. With a PHD in College Administration, copious university experience, and a recently discovered ancestral connection with Chautauqua, she fills a big need within the organization. Cate had much to learn about our traditional and diversified Alumni Association while incorporating some of her vast experience. She attacked the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. So with her creativity and ideas, Cate has us looking forward to a more efficient and expanded Alumni Association experience.

Perhaps the greatest area of success in 2017 was the Scholarship Fund that brought eight Chautauqua County high school seniors onto the grounds for a week of Chautauqua. These students were not only recommended by their teachers but also submitted applications requiring several examples of their writing ability. They were then matched up with volunteer host families and appropriate classes for their Sunday through Saturday stay. The feedback from both students and host families weighed heavily on the favorable side of the scale and was very rewarding for all involved. Carol Collins, Class of 2017, is the CLSC alumna in charge of the program and if you want to participate in this wonderful program as a host family or working directly with Carol, contact her at carolcollins53@gmail.com. It is a very rewarding Alumni Assn activity with which to be involved.

Another prevalent activity in 2017 was the sale of Mary Lee Talbot’s new history of the CLSC: Chautauqua’s Heart. It’s a great book; do you have your copy yet? Thanks to Ellen Chamberlain, with assistance from Pat McDonald, Joe Patton, other alumni, and, of course, Mary Lee herself, an order for additional books was placed by the end of the season. A small publisher whose wife is a CLSC grad sought and received permission to use Jim Huron’s poem from the book on his website. “Chautauqua’s Heart” is available at Alumni Hall during the summer season and the Chautauqua Bookstore all year long.

Other regular Alumni-sponsored activities: Alumni Book Reports, Book Signings, Eventide Travelogues, Docent Tours, both Alumni Hall and Banner Care, were strong in 2017; however, all these activities require help from Alumni Volunteers. Get involved. Help strengthen your Alumni Association. Indicate your interest to the front desk at Alumni Hall on your next visit.

Finally, we, the alumni of the CLSC, look forward to a period of exciting growth and development under the new Colonnade direction of Atom Atkinson and David Griffith. These two are taking a fresh look at our activity as it relates to Chautauqua and seeing opportunities that weren’t necessarily recognizable to those of use who have been carrying-on for the past few years. Atom will be the most visible and involved at Alumni Hall while David will oversee all of the literary arts activities at Chautauqua. Good things are ahead for the CLSC Alumni Association in 2018 and beyond.

See you this summer,
Dick Karslake


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