Richard Karslake’99

Job Description:   The job of the President of the Alumni Association of the CLSC is to lead and work though the Alumni organization, the several Classes, and the many Committees to develop and grow the organization in purpose, impact, membership interest, financial stability, and contribution to the Greater CLSC and Chautauqua Institution.

The President organizes and conducts the meetings of the Executive Committee, the Trustees, and the whole membership.  He is often the conduit through which ideas from individual Alumni find their way to the Executive Committee, to a Vice President, or to a Committee.  Examples of this are the new/old diplomas with seals, the stoles with patches, and the Keepers of the Arches.

In addition, he is an ex-officio member of every Committee.

Current Opportunities: The President stands ready to help any Alumnus or Alumna to find somewhere within the organization to make a contribution through his or her volunteer efforts.

His email address is:  His winter phone number is: 717-761-3867.  Cell phone: 717-635-0562.