VP-History and Traditions

Mary Lee Talbot  ’74

The CLSC is full of traditions and keeping track of them and explaining them is the job of the Vice President for History and Tradition. The VP works with the Banner Committee, the Docents at Alumni Hall and Pioneer Hall, the Building and Grounds VP and the Historian of the CLSC.

In 2011 we put the four year rotation of classes to help with CLSC activites and Recognition Day on paper so each class will know in advance what they are asked to learn about and help with. Members of the Class of 2009 have taken over Pioneer Hall and are revamping the tour originally written by  the Class of 1997.

As seen elsewhere the VP is actively involved in getting a database of CLSC graduates built and working with others to get a card catalog of the Alumni Hall Library collated. Charles Bestor has been working on these two endeavors. If you have any questions please contact Mary Lee Talbot at mltalbot@aol.com.