‘The State of the Alumni Association is Excellent.’

…Don Greenhouse, Treasurer

Treasurers Report 2016

The state of the Alumni Association (AA) as of December 31, 2016, is excellent. 2016 was a satisfactory year for us as evidenced by the following highlights:

• Total investments held by the AA reached $157,800 a 2% increase over 12/31/15, thanks to the efforts of Jim Kullberg.
• Total cash held by the AA for the classes and other entities reached $37,880 or 21% of  total funds of the Association. The AA does banking and disbursements for most classes and would like to add more.
• The Life Membership fund, funds held for major projects at Alumni Hall, increased 6% to $40,560.
• The funds held for scholarships reached $43,157 over 4X the original funding of $10,00.
• The operating results for 2013 exceeded plan in all aspects.
• The staff at Alumni Hall; Barbara, Kathy and Cindy did another outstanding job keeping track of all the transactions that occur. They are truly the best!

We look forward to another great summer coming sooner than we think. Our plans for 2017 are to publish the new History Book with monies donated by classes and individuals, so keep those donations coming. Further, we plan to maintain our cash balances to provided funds for new Alumni Hall programs, and maintain the banners in the way we have always done.

I estimate the cost of printing the CLSC Alumni History Book at $42,500. We have donations totalling $18,870. We still need to raise approximately $24,000.

Don Greenhouse


2022 is a GO!

for now …

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