Current Trustees



President Richard C Karslake 1999
VP-Bldgs&Grounds Bill Crittenden 1975
VP-Education Jack McCredie 2000
VP-Events Tom Small 1999
VP-Finance James Kullberg 2000
VP-Guild of Seven Seals Gary Doebler 1989
VP-History & Traditions Mary Lee Talbot 1974
VP-Membership Ellen Chamberlin 2000
Recording Secretary Lynne Ballard 1986
Corresponding Sec Pat Rowe 1966
Treasurer Donald C Greenhouse 1978


Summer Financial Officer Cindy Hinsdale
Manager of Alumni Hall Barbara Bumsted 2012
CLSC Activities Coordinator Jeff Miller 1997
Veranda Manager Peggy Snyder 2001


Class president Wally Rees 2012
Class president Barbara Hois 2011
Class President Maryanne Datesman 2010
Class President Linda Storey 2009
Class Co-President William(Twig) Branch 2008
Class Co-President Susan Shea 2008
Class President Nancy H Eichelsdorfer 2007
Class President Sandra Stupiansky 2006
Class President Marilyn Marloff 2005
Class President Michael Day 2004
Class President Sallie Holder 2003
Class President Margaret Taylor 2002
Class Trustee Rep Marilyn Mathews Bendiksen 2002
Class Co-President April Brown 2001
Class Co-President Carol Periard 2001
Class President Thomas Rowe 2000
Class Co-President James R Bertine 1999
Class Trustee Rep Jackie Katz 1999
Class Co-President Norma Pollack 1999
Class President Patricia H Hasbach 1998
Class President Karin Burkhart Miller 1997
Class President William J Alexander 1997
Class President Joan Smith 1996
Class President Anne T Prezio 1995
Class President Cathy A Scogna 1994
Class President Norman Karp 1993
Class President Bob Battaglin 1992
Class President Richard Jensen 1991
Class President Lawrence E Davis 1990
Class President Gary Doebler 1989
Class President Jean C Badger 1987
Class President Joyce Brasted 1985
Class President Eleanor Rockwell Aron 1984
Class Co-President Caroline(Bonnie) Beyer 1982
Class Co-President Becky Sharp 1982
Class President Dana E McKnight 1978
Class President Mary Lee Talbot 1974
Class President Jerine Wann Clark 1972
Class President Joan L Trefts 1970
Class President Patricia Rowe 1966
Class President Julianne Follansbee 1963


Affiliated Circles Comm Travis & Betty
Halford 2012
Banner Committee Charlotte Crittenden 1967
Book Selection Comm Gary Doebler 1989
Brochures Committee Chris


Bryant Day Comm Jeff Miller 1997
Buildings and Grounds Bill Crittenden 1975
Classes Committee


Chamberlin 2000
Docent Committee Jean C Badger 1987
Eventide Committee Jack McCredie 2000
Eventide Committee Bill Flanders
Finance Committee Jim Kullberg 2000
Future Planning Comm Mary Lee Talbot 1974
Gala Committee Gary Doebler 1989
Great American Picnic Matt Rogers 2011
Historian Lois Minnigh 1978
Hospitality Comm Gloria Gould 2000
Income Committee Bill Anderson 2002
Keepers of the Arches Nancy H Eichelsdorfer 2007
Kiosk Committee Ben Gross
Life Member Comm Jean C Badger 1987
Literacy Mentor Comm Janet Northrup 2010
Membership Comm Ellen Rogers Chamberlain 2000
Mmbrshp Data Comm Judy Kullberg 1998
Newsletter Comm Peggy Snyder 2001
Nominating Comm Thomas Rowe 2000
Book Review Comm Jean C Badger 1987
Publicity Committee Cindy Hinsdale
Reading Room Comm Elaine Arciszewski 1989
Recognition Day Comm Tom Small 1999
Scientific Circle Comm Teresa Kammerman 2009
Vigil Committee Cindy Hinsdale
Webmaster Judy Kullberg 1998