Trustee Minutes

          CLSC Alumni Association Trustees Meeting
August 10, 2012
The meeting began at 4:00 pm in the Kate Kimball room of Alumni Hall.  Those in attendance were: Patricia Hasbach ’98, Bill Flanders ’00, Carol Periard ’01, Charlotte Crittenden ’67, Mary Lee Talbot ’74, Bill Crittenden ’75, Elaine Arciszewski ’89, Barbara Hois ’11, Gary Doebler ’89, Marshall Nelson ’78, Cathy Scogna ’94, Mary Ann Datesman ’10.
President Karslake reviewed recent enhancements to the Alumni Association: the new/old diplomas, Guild of the Seven Seals stoles, the four arches , the rebuilding of the Golden Gate by class of 2000 – all of which contribute to a more meaningful Recognition day.
He noted that looking toward the future, a mentoring program for struggling readers, using existing programs already in place, will provide opportunities for members to get involved and earn recognition/rewards.   Satellite clubs are still a great idea and Dick’s son, Dan, has convinced his local book club to sign on.  If 5 members sign up for CLSC, then a proclamation will be sent to the club.
Dick stated that the Executive committee approved monies to start an endowed scholarship.
He reiterated that there are only 2 trustee meeting during the season – hopefully more class presidents will attend.  Next meeting is for all members on Bryant Day, August 18th, when a new reading year begins and the announcement of next years books will also begin. Dick hopes to  broaden the participation and enlist more committee members.  Elaine Arciszewski mentioned that she has a new library committee member – a librarian from Ill. who has put the entire reading list on a database, including a subject index.
Carol Periard noted that many members do not know about up-coming events – she suggested mass emails.  She feels the website is not really all that helpful.  More information needs to be there, but someone must provide it to the webmaster for inclusion. All committees should have a page in which they list the opportunities to help, what they are doing and any events planned. She also wants to start a Facebook page for her class – recommending books and other CLSC ideas. Could be open to all interested CLSC.
MaryAnn Datesman reported on the Ripley Readers who have been coming the past 2 years to participate in the Young Scholars book discussion and the Young Readers events.  Several of the kids are “aging out” of the group, but the program will continue.  She hopes that the voluntary literacy programs, reported on by Bob Thomas, and the opportunity to help 3rd grade children will appeal to members.  After 40 hours of service an award would be given – perhaps a tie tack or stars of varying colors based on levels of commitment.  Volunteers could connect with/start local CLSC circles to stay connected.  Books in a Bag are still available to clubs.
Dick asked about what we can offer as perks for members.  Perhaps sponsoring an author, similar to the class of 2008 project, and then meeting with that author.
Dick reported that the Executive committee approved the endowing a scholarship thru the Chautauqua Foundation, funded by 80% of the net proceeds of the Great American Picnic. This scholarship could rotate thru the arts on a yearly basis – music, dance, theater, art, etc.  There was discussion about supporting something literary, rather than artistic.  Charlotte Crittenden was asked to contact the CLAF and ask about what they do in selecting an intern.  The principle amount required to reach the $4,000 needed to support a student for the season varies but is about $150,000.
Bill Crittenden, vice president for Buildings & Grounds reported that class of 2009 has taken a real interest in Pioneer Hall.  They have photographed everything, written descriptions and want to create a booklet.  They would like to request flower pots/urns like the ones in front of Alumni Hall for Pioneer Hall.  He had noted that there are no dictionaries in the building so have ordered 3 as well as a thesaurus for cost of $62.  Gary Doebler said his 1989 class, had specified a white gift for this purpose.  Flower pots or urns were requested for the Golden Gate as well, which are historically “correct” as seen in old postcards.  Bill said that there will be some furniture repair required, as well as fan replacements.  The second exit from the ballroom is still in the works – we have preliminary sketches, photos of what was there previously and hopes that all will be grandfathered in.  The class of 1989 hopes to pay for doorway framework and another class wants to pay for door in Garden Room.   Nothing will be done without a signed letter from John Shedd of the Institution.
Barbara Hois reported that 2011 has given $1,200 as an undesignated white gift.  In addition they have given $750 as start up money for Great American Picnic to cover their expenses and equipment upgrades, so that all income is profit.  Someone commented that it seemed that the Vigil became a brag fest for who gave the most in white gifts.  Mary Lee Talbot noted that “….at Chautauqua it was historically that way, except when it wasn’t…”
The meeting wound down around 5:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Ballard
Recording Secretary