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Alumni Hall

Class Assignments
Each class is asked to help with one aspect of the Alumni Association program for the first four years after you pass through the Golden Gate. The assignments help graduates become familiar with the Alumni Association. You don’t have to be here all summer to help. Just check in at the Alumni Hall desk to find out how to help. We hope that you will continue to volunteer with some aspect of the program long after you have joined the Alumni Association.
1st year after Graduation: Assist with the Great American Picnic
2nd year after Graduation: Assist with Pioneer Hall
3rd year after Graduation: Hospitality with Vigil, Recognition Day, Alumni Gala
4th year after Graduation: Assist with Winifred Kemp Library

2022 assignments: 

Class of 2021:  The Great American Picnic

Class of 2020:  Pioneer Hall – contact Margo Stuart – arielsbed@gmail.com

Class of 2019:  Hospitality – contact Lauralynn White – lauralynnwhiteart@gmail.com

Class of 2018:  Library – contact Katie White – host.baptisthouse@gmail.com

Class of 1974 Database Project
We continue to make progress with getting the database finished. Mary Lee Talbot is  working with Don Greenhouse to find a new computer to store the information, while Ellie Doud continues to work to enter names. What we’ve found is amazing ~ would you believe that Thomas Edison, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Law Olmstead, Ida Tarbell and Elbert Hubbard all went through the Golden Gate?


I have been working to get our files up to date. Monte Thompson, 2013, worked with the Class of 2016 to begin to put their memories into a class box in the archives that will be available to future alumni and researchers. We were given the gift of papers from the family of Nately Ronsheim, CLSC director from 1972-1991, and they will be available soon. Many of our current classes have not preserved memory boxes in the archives and we will be getting in touch with you as we go along to see what minutes, drawings, photos and other memorabilia from your class you would like to preserve. Let future alums know how much the CLSC and the Alumni Association
meant to you!

Mary Lee Talbot (1974)

VP, History and Tradition


2022 is a GO!

for now …

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