White Gift Projects

1.  Add to the CLSC Alumni Association Literary Arts Scholarship Fund for promising Chautauqua County High School Juniors (rising Seniors).

2.  Supply new audio-visual equipment to show either slide or video program explaining the CLSC to visitors to Alumni Hall.  Estimated cost: $7-900.

3.  Supply a new laptop computer for the Winifred Kemp Reading Room (library) for two possible purposes: A total graduate data base, and a library book-collection file to locate books by Title, Author, Subject matter, and year of CLSC selection.  Estimated cost: $500.

4.  New cushions for the Garden Room.  Estimated Cost: $900.

5.  Provide the band for the annual Recognition Day Parade ($400)

6.  Buy front walk commemorative bricks to honor Class Honoree, Class Leaders,  other major contributors to the Alumni Association, family, and or friends.