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Chautauqua's Heart






AUGUST 1, 2023

2:00 pm

Ballroom of Alumni Hall


This will be the Guild Grad Recognition.  All Guild members are welcome to attend, but we will be recognizing those who are entering the Guild or moving up a Guild level.  Patches and seals will be presented to all.  New Miller and Vincent grads will receive a gift, honoring their high achievements.

Stay tuned for more details!




February 1, 2023 - The new VP of the Guild of Seven Seals is Catherine Whitcomb, PhD.  Cate was the Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association from 2017 - 2019.  She is also the president of the Class of 2016.  Cate has served as a Guild Mentor for a number of years.  We are excited to have her capable hands on board!



At the conclusion of the 2022 season, longtime VP of the Guild of Seven Seals, Gary Doebler, retired.  The Alumni Association wishes to thank Gary for his years of dedicated service and support of the Alumni Association.  He will be greatly missed!


In the summer of 2019, heeding the pleas of graduates who requested recognition beyond the first four levels of the Guild of Seven Seals, Parnassian, Olympian, and Centurion, two new graduate levels were formed.  Above the Centurion level, the Miller Echelon of the Exalted Order of the Chautauqua Founders was added.  The highest level was then named the Vincent Echelon of the Exalted Order of the Chautauqua Founders.  


The inaugural class of Millers included sixteen CLSC alumni.  They were:

*Catherine F. Backlund, '14

*Barbara Blanchard, '04

Katherine M. Blezard, '00

*Alice Cripe, '10

*Karen Douds, '11

Edward S. Goulding, '14

*Leslie Ann Holder, '12

*Jeff Innes, '03

Norman Karp, '93

*Patricia Killewald, '09

Sheila Marie Long, '05

*Jeffrey Miller, '97

Joseph D. Patton, '12

*M. Sue Richardson, '14

Barbara Vitkowsky, '92

*Janet Yauch, '09



Those with an asterisk by their names then went on to form the inaugural Vincent class in the summer of 2020.


The Covid Pandemic brought about changes.  Traditionally, those alumni who applied to move up to the next Guild graduate level were recognized alongside the new graduates on Recognition Day at the service in the Hall of Philosophy.  This usually meant that Guild graduates would stand to be recognized by having their names read. 


In an effort to better recognize the achievements of the Guild Grads, a luncheon was held in their honor during Recognition Weeks 2021 and 2022.  Stephine Hunt, Manager of the CLSC Octagon, Richard Karslake, President of the Alumni Association, and Sony Ton-Aime, Director of Literary Arts gave speeches noting the Guild Grads' achievements.  Gary Doebler, Vice President of the Guild of Seven Seals was also on hand to congratulate the graduates.  For each graduate level, the Guild Grads were then called up by name, recognized by the dignitaries, and given their new patches and seals.  This ceremony was met with a great deal of enthusiasm by the Guild Grads.  





Guild Grad Recognition Luncheon, August 5, 2021
(Left to Right in standing order:  Stephine Hunt, Gary Doebler, Sony Ton-Aime,
Dick Karslake, and new Centurion, Sherra Babcock.




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