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Chautauqua's Heart



Ready to move up to the next level of the Guild?



Here are the number of books you need to qualify:

Guild of Seven Seals:  26 CLSC books (an additional 14 books beyond graduation requirements.)

Parnassian:  47 CLSC books (an additional 21 books beyond GSS)

Olympian:  75 CLSC books (an additional 28 books beyond Parnassian)

Centurion:  110 CLSC books (an additional 35 books beyond Olympian)

The Miller Eschelon:  152 CLSC books (an additional 42 books beyond Centurion


The Vincent Eschelon:  201 CLSC books (an additional 49 books beyond Miller Eschelon)




Click here to download an application.  Fill it out and send it to the address located on the form.  


When you submit your application, remember to include a list of the books you've read.  The CLSC will validate that you've read the correct number.

You may record your own books at:  clscbooks.org


There is no fee to move up to the next Guild level.



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