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Chautauqua's Heart





Do you ever wonder what the monograms on your Guild of Seven Seals patches stand for?  Here are the explanations.  For more information on the monograms' meanings, visit "A History of the Guild of Seven Seals" under the tab marked The Guild of Seven Seals.





The first Guild level is the Guild of Seven Seals.






This is the second Guild level, the Parnassian level. 

OSW stands for the Order of the White Seal.





The third Guild level is the Olympian level. 

The LRT stands for the League of the Round Table.





This patch is for the Centurion level, the fourth of the Guild levels. 

The SHG is for the Society of the Hall in the Grove.





One of our newest levels, this is the Miller patch.  It is the fifth of the Guild levels. 

The LME is for the Lewis Miller Echelon. 

The full title of the level is the Miller Echelon of the Exalted Order of the Chautauqua Founders.

This is the highest level achievable in the Guild - the John Vincent Echelon,

also known as the Vincent Echelon of the Exalted Order of the Chautauqua Founders.


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