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Chautauqua's Heart


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Interested in joining the Guild of Seven Seals?  There is no secret to joining.  Simply read an additional fourteen CLSC books after you've graduated from the CLSC (26 CLSC books in total), fill out and drop off an application to be recognized at the Guild of Seven Seals level, and you're in!

“The highest order of the C.L.S.C.”  That was how Bishop John Vincent referred to the Guild of the Seven Seals.  Guild members are often our most voracious readers.  They enjoy educating themselves on current issues and topics.  They are frequently eager to discuss what they've read and learned, sharing ideas and thoughts with each other. You can learn more of the Guild's history, purpose, and events on our Guild page.


Guild Events


The Guild is a busy organization in the summer.  Please see our full calendar for the current dates and times of Guild events. 


  • Guild of Seven Seals Brown Bag:  The Guild sponsors these brown bag events on the porch of the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall.  Bring your brown bag lunch, hear a fellow Chautauquan or guest speaker discuss an outstanding book they've selected, and then engage in a conversation about what you've heard and learned.


  • Alumni Gala:  The Gala is a dinner event, bringing together all alumni members for food, friendship, and a planning meeting. 


  • Guild Grads Recognition:  This event was held for the first time in the summer of 2021 and was met with enthusiastic approval from all.  We provide a luncheon and recognize all those graduates who are entering the Guild or moving up one level in the Guild.  Patches for stoles and seals for diplomas are presented at this event.







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