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Chautauqua's Heart


for Teachers and Librarians


The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (CLSC) is one of the oldest continuously operating book clubs in America.  Begun in 1878 as a way for women and the less privileged to educate themselves, the CLSC continues to select quality reading material pertinent to the issues of today.  Renowned authors are brought into Chautauqua Institution to discuss their writings, answer questions from readers, and sign their books. 


Those interested in graduating from the CLSC must read twelve CLSC book selections and pay for four years of CLSC dues, which are currently $10 per year.  All four years may be paid at once, allowing members who have met the reading requirements to graduate immediately.


In addition to the CLSC, the Literary Arts Department also offers writing classes.  Each week throughout the season, a prose class and a poetry class are featured, taught by nationally known, highly regarded authors and poets.  These classes are held in the Literary Arts Center of Alumni Hall, also home to the Alumni Association of the CLSC.  The Alumni Association provides scholarships that allow individuals to attend one of these outstanding writing classes each year for four consecutive years. 




Teachers and public or school librarians who work in Chautauqua County, New York are eligible for this scholarship if they agree to:

  • Complete the CLSC graduation requirements.
  • Start a reading circle with at least two other colleagues, friends, or students.
  • Enroll in a prose or poetry writing workshop at the Chautauqua Writers’ Center for one week for each of the 4 years.
  • Read at least 4 books from the historic CLSC book list each year.

Applying is easy.  Complete the application form and submit a summary of your work experience.   Four, 4-year scholarships are awarded each year.  You will find the link to the application below. For full written benefits of receiving the scholarship, please read below.

Scholarship Application



For a paper application please write:  alumassocexecsec@gmail.com






Years One through Three

  • Tuition for one week writing class, recipient's choice of prose or poetry, held at the Writer's Center in the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall
  • One parking pass for the week
  • One gate pass for the week
  • One $100 gift certificate to the Chautauqua Bookstore to purchase CLSC books 
  • One $10 annual membership to the CLSC

Year Four

  • $25 for class dues in preparation for graduation from the CLSC
  • Gate pass and parking pass for Recognition Day
  • All of the items included in years one through three.


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