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Chautauqua's Heart




These scholarships are not open for application.  Chautauqua County students are selected based on academic achievement, recommendation from their ELA instructor, and demonstrated interest in the literary arts.

Students are provided with tuition for a week-long writer's class at the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall, as well as gate passes. 


If a student desires to stay on the grounds for the entire week, a host family will provide the student with sleeping and eating arrangements, as well as some supervision for the week.  If the student and their family prefer to commute to class for the week, a host family may still be available to provide a home-away-from-home experience, if the student so desires.


If you would like to donate to our scholarship program, you may do so by clicking the button below and scrolling down the form until you find the line for scholarship donations. 




If you are interested in being a host family for a promising student, please visit the "Student Scholarship Housing Opportunity" tab on this menu.

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