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Saving the Tile Mosaics

8/18/2023 6:18 pm



If you visited the Hall of Philosophy this past summer, chances are you noticed that the beautiful, old tile mosaics on the floor are showing signs of wear.  The mosaics are some of our most treasured keepsakes and they've been a bit neglected over the last few years.  The Class of 2000 is spearheading a campaign to repair these works of art, restoring them to their original condition.


Not only is important to restore and care for the mosaics because they are priceless works of art, but also because they have become tripping hazards.  

The cost of such an undertaking is a little daunting.  Work will begin in the fall of 2023 with the mosaic you see above.  This is one of two that are in the worst shape and, therefore, will be repaired first.


For those interested in supporting this meaningful restoration, the CLSC Alumni Association has made it simple to contribute:


Donate Online: Visit https://donorbox.org/the-mosaic-project/ to make a secure online donation.


Donate by Check: Please make checks payable to “AACLSC” and note “Class of 2000 Mosaic Restoration Project” in the memo line. Mail your check to:

Kathy Hurst, AACLSC

PO Box 1034

Chautauqua, NY 14722



Meet the Artist: Denise Williams-Stebbins



Denise will be undertaking the restoration of the mosaics at the Hall of Philosophy. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she studied commercial art and illustration. She also obtained a Master of Science in Education from the State University of New York. In addition to her 31 years of experience as an art teacher at Silver Creek Central, she also owns the Living Art Glass Gallery in Westfield, New York. Denise brings a wealth of experience and artistic expertise to this project.


This restoration project is particularly dear to Denise, as it holds a special place in her heart - she exchanged vows and was married at the Hall of Philosophy herself.










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