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Chautauqua's Heart


The Alumni Association of the CLSC is making changes in a big way during this offseason.




The AA will no longer be sending out published newsletters.  The cost of the 2022 newsletter was close to $2000.  There was no way to track how many of these were actually reaching the intended readers.  As the AA is in the stages of reimagining its roles and outreach, it was felt that the news could be just as effectively communicated via our new website. 





The AA has a new marketing team.  Evadne Giannini and Samantha Busch are exuberantly looking for ways to increase our revenue by creating exciting new product lines.  These items will be useful or ornamental, as well as promote the Alumni Association on the grounds and in communities everywhere.  It is hoped that these items will be available for purchase prior to and throughout the summer season.

In addition, Samantha came up with a slick, modern logo.  The board has approved it.  We now await approval from the Institution.  The new logo will appear on the product lines coming out this spring.





We would like to thank Bill and Charlotte Crittenden for their loyal, professional, and thoughtful care of the building and banners for many years.  They are both officially retired, though we hope to keep them on as valuable mentors and resources.  Mary Lou Parlato is now chairing the Banner Committee and we have asked Chris Riedesel, the Manager of Alumni Hall, to oversee the building and grounds in the offseason.  Chris has graciously agreed to do so.  The Executive Committee of the AA has agreed to pay Chris an hourly rate to run over from Westfield a couple of times a month.  The board and alumni are grateful to Chris for caring for our building during the winter months.


In case you missed it, Cate Whitcomb is back on our Executive Board in the role of Guild of Seven Seals chair.  Pop over to the Guild of Seven Seals tab on this website and see what’s up there.  We’re very happy to have Cate’s wisdom and expertise back with us.





The Alumni Gala will be back this year, but in a way you’ve never experienced it before.  It will be held on Wednesday, August 2 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM at the Chautauqua Golf Club.  The board would like to offer you a more upscale event.  Rather than a Recognition Day luncheon, the Gala will honor the new Class of 2023 as well as all alumni.  There will be music, a few silent auction offerings, food, and conversation, looking out over the golf course and a beautiful outdoor, covered patio. Ticket and menu information will be coming.



The CLSC Class of 2022


The Class of 2022 experienced a somewhat traditional celebration this year.  After two long years of Covid quarantines, they were able to have their recognition in the Hall of Philosophy, the Amp, and Alumni Hall – just as in years past.  Their class theme was “Phoenix Rising” – as that’s what all of us were (are) doing.  Class Motto:  Re-emerge to New Opportunities.  Class flower: Crocus.  Class symbol:  Phoenix.  Class Honoree:  In memory of the loved ones we lost and those who suffered.  As a note of interest, Sony Ton-Aime – the Michael I Rudell Director of Literary Arts – graduated with this class.  I’ve never seen Sony have as much fun as he did on Recognition Day 2022.  His enthusiasm and love for his class was boundless!




                Banner - Class of 2022                                            Banner Parade '22


Sony Ton-Aime leads his class of 2022






The Alumni Association needs your dues to operate.  Our fundraisers help, but they don’t cover all operating costs.  All of our costs are increasing, but dues for the Alumni Association remain as they have for quite some time - $10 per year.  In 2022, only $1465 came into our organization via dues to the Alumni Association.  Considering the electricity bill alone is more than that, you begin to see our financial situation. Life Memberships and profits from our brick sales cover our wifi, phones, website, and software bills.  The entire amount that the Scholarship Committee brings in through their Silent Auction goes to the costs of the scholarship programs. 


This year, Chautauqua Institution is implementing a new policy for use of their facilities and spaces by community groups.  The Alumni Association is a community group, therefore, our costs for Eventides and the Great American Picnic will increase quite a bit, as we will now need to cover the cost of renting those spaces, as well as tables, chairs, and sound or video equipment needed for any of our presentations. 

The bottom line is our expected expenses are currently twice what our expected revenue is.  Please remember to pay your dues and if you can afford to give more, it will ease our burdens just that much.  We appreciate the support of your Alumni Association. Click HERE to print a dues form.  You may also pay your dues on-line HERE.


Also, we are now taking brick orders for installation for the 2024 season. You may print a brick form HERE.  You may order a brick, stole, or a copy of Chautauqua's Heart, our history book, online HERE.


If you would like to know more about our finances, please send questions to alumassocexesec@gmail.com and our Executive Secretary will respond.




Seven CLSC titles have been selected for the 2023 season.  You can view them all HERE.





If you would like to post class news on the website, send the article you'd like to post to alumassocexecsec@gmail.com  A page will be created for your class. You may include any photos you wish.


Also, class presidents, if you would like a report of your class finances, write to the same email address and a report will be prepared and sent.




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