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' The Irrepressibles '

Class of 1884

' Light Life Love '

Class of 1901

' This World is Ours to Shape '

Class of 1984

' Expanding Traditions '

Class of 2011

' Continuum '

Class of 1989

' Builders for Tomorrow '

Class of 1943

' Veni Vidi Vici '

Class of 1897

' Respect Reflect Renew '

Class of 1897

' Citizens of the World '

Class of 1947

The Alumni Association of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle was founded in 1882 as the Society of the Hall in the Grove to encourage graduates to pursue lifelong learning by offering several postgraduate degrees, beginning with the Guild of the Seven Seals, while celebrating class spirit and individuality. Dedicated to preserving the mission and traditions of our hallowed society, among them knowledge, curiosity and constancy, time-tested through decades of service and still pertinent today.

To graduate from the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle requires reading 12 selections and meeting CLSC membership requirements. Currently, member registration is done at the Veranda, located on the Brick Walk between Bestor Plaza and the Ampitheater.

The Guild of the Seven Seals advances graduates at the following levels: Seven Seals, Parnassian, Olympian, Centurion, and our two newest levels, the Miller echelon and the Vincent echelon of the Exalted Order of Chautauqua Founders. To receive an advance degree requires registration at the Octagon, located across from Alumni Hall.

Recognition Day 2021









Due to the continued prevalence of the Covid-19 virus, The Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall will be closed to the public for the summer of 2021. The Octagon will also remain closed. The Hall of Philosophy will be used on an extremely limited basis. Chautauqua Institution is closely adhering to the guidelines set forth by the State of New York and erring on the side of caution as they work to maintain a safe experience for everyone on the grounds.

Chautauqua Institution is responsible for scheduling the use of the buildings and grounds this summer, and they are looking to include as many groups and activities as is safely possible. As of this writing in early May of 2021, Recognition Day plans are not yet finalized.  Some of the festivities will be online, but the Literary Arts Department is hoping to offer a hybrid experience, incorporating at least some live aspects into the ceremony.

While the desk at Alumni Hall is closed, it is still possible for you to support your Alumni Association.  You may update your contact information, pay your dues, or buy a brick. If you would like to move up a graduate level this summer or purchase a stole as you enter the Guild of Seven Seals, we can accommodate you. Copies of Chautauqua’s Heart are available for purchase on this website. All these tasks can be done remotely and the Executive Secretary, Kathy Hurst, is ready and willing to assist you.

The Alumni Association’s Silent Auction Committee is planning to hold their auction again this year. The hope is to be able to hold it live in the Grove at Alumni Hall, but we are waiting on guidance from the Institution. We will send out an email and announce it on Facebook when we have more definite plans.  Whether live or online, your support of the auction is encouraged. Contact Kathy if you have items you’d like to donate or if you are interested in perusing the auction items.

Enjoy your summer!  We unwaveringly believe we will be back in the summer of 2022.  Until then, support us any way you can and keep reading!


Email: Phone: 716-640-0019

Alumni Hall

Second virtual auction in the works

Thanks to your bids, donations, & enthusiasm we raised more than $2,750 for student and teacher scholarships last summer. To support us in 2021 click here.

Seeking: Auction Items for 2021

Cleaned house in the off season? Donate your auction-worthy items (think: antiques, furniture, art, home goods, jewelry,, CHQ memorabilia) to benefit scholarships. We pick up! Email: or call: 716.357.2191 (Caroline Young) or 734.546.5955 (Pat McDonald).

Chautauqua's Heart

From Chautauquan Mary Lee Talbot comes the first complete history of CLSC. Back in stock and available at the  Bookstore. Or buy here and skip the lines.

Pay Your Dues

Haven't payed this year? Ante up! Our form is here ~ or just save time and become a life member today.

CLSC Online

We now have the power to record and keep personal CLSC reading lists online. To sign up, click here.

Historic Banners Catalogue

Dynamic mother/daughter duo Becky (2000) and Helen (2015) Habenicht have been photographing our inestimable banner collection, which dates back to 1874. See them here.

Let's Make a Date

We cannot wait: the link to the 2021 season's calendar is here.